Commited to substainibillity

Cheeky Kiwi Travel is committed to sustainable tourism through its environments and procurement actions.

At Cheeky Kiwi Travel we believe if New Zealand’s amazing environment and nature is allowing us to do business it is only right that we practice Kaitiaki (guardianship) and do what we can to protect it through:  Restoring Nature & Giving Back, Carbon Reduction, Reducing, Eliminating Waste & Responsible Procurement. With these values in mind not only do we strive to live up to the business practices mentioned below we also sponsor many amazing environment projects in each area we operate.

Restoring Nature & Giving Back

Education: We provide education to all our guests about the local environment and teaching them about kaitiaki (being a guardian) of our nature. We have employed environment studies students to assist with increasing our knowledge in this area and to pass it on.

Sponsorship: Cheeky Kiwi has taken on several sponsorship projects and strives to have a project in each area we operate. our sponsorships include pest eradication programmes, assisting with the creation of native reserves, animal rescue organisations, animal rehab and welfare centers and general environmental restoration projects.  We also provide our staff with at least 1 paid day off to assist with these projects each year. For more information about current environmental projects see

Carbon Reduction

Cheeky Kiwi has committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating it’s carbon footprint. We achieve this by:

Step 1: Measuring our impact – We use a number of online carbon measuring tools and information to first understand our impact.

Step Two: Reduce our impact – We reduce our impact by assessing every way we operate. We purchase modern fuel efficient equipment with a constant upgrade or replacement policy. We activity investigate alternative options to diesel vehicles. We have strong maintenance programmes to ensure efficient running. We reducing paper usage by encouraging agents to use online brochures, having electronic tickets, a smart print policy & even ensure our paperwork is online. Wherever possible we encourage reduced travel through virtual meetings, staff working from home and even ensuring our vehicles are based close to their start locations. We track and monitor staff driving behavior and provide training to ensure further efficiencies. We strive to use plant based cleaning product and many more initiatives that are just part of Cheeky Kiwi’s DNA.

Step Three: off set our impact – Finally what impact we cant eliminate we strive to off set through our sponsorships and environment rehab programmes.

Reducing, Eliminating Waste

Cheeky Kiwi have committed to reducing and where possible eliminating waste. All tours waste is separated and recycled where possible, we encourage and educate guests to refill their water bottles or bring their own and we review everything we provide on our tours looking for environmental friendly products.

Responsible Procurement

Cheeky Kiwi  believe responsible procurement is a philosophy not a rule as this challenges us to always do better. We ask ourselves and our staff to always be thinking about the following whenever we are purchasing products and challenge ourselves to review what we are buying every 6 months or every time we reorder something or replace a piece or equipment:

  • What sustainable options does the supplier have and how do the demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.
  • Where do our suppliers product come from and the conditions in which they are made?
  • What is the packaging is made of? How will this be disposed off? can it be recycled? Can it be reused?
  • Can we do without the product? Can it be replaced with a non-physical product?
  • Can we purchase an improved product that is more efficient or has less impact.
  • Is the product environmentally friendly? will it pollute or poison?
  • And always is there a better way?