Poor Knights

Situated 23 kilometres off the Tutukaka Coast, the Poor Knights Islands, which are the remains of ancient volcanoes, were named by Jacques Cousteau as one of the top diving and snorkelling spots in the world. The abundance of marine animals and breath taking scenery, plus the world’s largest sea cave, make this a jaw-dropping experience you won’t want to miss.

The islands are 11 million years old and are a marine and nature reserve extending 800 metres around each island. They are awaiting world heritage status. There is an abundance of unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life both above and below water. The islands are also home to many rare birds as well as Tuatara (a native New Zealand reptile). Caves, arches and tunnels and sheer cliffs provide a great variety of habitat to explore.

The Tutukaka Coast has been rated as one of the top coastal destinations by both “National Geographic Traveller” and “Lonely Planet”. It stretches on a loop road that heads out from Whangarei on the Twin Coast Discovery Highway and makes its way through orchards, farmland and rock walls. Numerous quaint spectacular and remote coastal villages and hamlets are dotted along the highway.

The region is known for its small, friendly pubs, out of the way restaurants with international recognition, fresh fish and honey smoked snapper.