The Coromandel Peninsula – a Pristine Coastal Playground

Beach with blue sea and sky in the background

A top New Zealand’s holiday destination, the Coromandel Peninsula offers scenery without equal. Enjoy its pristine coast, sandy white beaches, misty forests and relaxed vibe.

This coastal playground has a myriad of spectacular natural highlights to discover. On the one hand, the dazzling white beaches stretch for 400 breathtaking kilometres. On the other, native rainforest cloaks the mountainous interior in lush greenery.

Wooded cliffs beside the sea against a blue sky

Outdoor activities on the Coromandel Peninsula

Rustic, immaculate and tranquil, the Coromandel has a coastal charm that is impossible to resist. The scenic backdrop is the perfect setting to get out in nature. Things to do in the area include a range of water sports, such as fishing, diving, sea kayaking and more. On land, there are plenty of scenic hiking and cycling opportunities. In fact, the rolling hills and forested mountains include numerous walking tracks for exploring on foot. In short, the Coromandel Peninsula coast has something for everyone.

Hot Water Beach: your personal seaside spa pool

At Hot Water Beach, a natural spring runs deep within the earth beneath the beach. Steaming hot and rich with minerals, it bubbles through the sand. At the southern end of the beach it is possible to dig your own hot pool and relax in the naturally heated mineral water. As you soak in the soothing hot spring water, you can enjoy enchanting views of the beach and ocean skyline. Having your very own spa pool on the very edge of the Pacific Ocean is a unique experience of the Coromandel coastline you will never forget.

A small pool with steaming water on a beach with the sea and clear sky in the background
The hand of a potter forming a vase on a pottery wheel

Coromandel creativity: a thriving community of artists and craftspeople

Artists and craftspeople from diverse creative disciplines call the Coromandel home. Painting, sculpture, photography, design, artisanal crafts, literature, music and performance arts thrive in this creative hub. Be sure to drop by the artists and artisanal craft studios. Here you can pick out that unique piece of art or pottery to take home with you as a souvenir of your visit to the Coromandel.

Discover the Coromandel Peninsula

You can enjoy the best of the Coromandel Peninsula’s stunning coastline with our convenient day tour from Auckland.

With so many attractions to visit, you might also want to consider creating your own unique, custom tour of this exceptional region.

Sunrise at Hot Water Beach